This project was different than any project we have ever done. It was a first for us as a trio. As most of you know R.W. Hammond, long time bass singer with the Gospelmen, retired January 3, 2010. We also went back in the archives & re-recorded a few of the songs done years ago as a quartet. We did some rearranging in the vocals and freshened them up a bit, along with a couple of new songs and a familiar one (or two) as well. We hope you enjoy the “new sound”.

  1. Ain’t That What It’s All About
  2. I Stand Redeemed
  3. Promises One By One
  4. Peace Speaker
  5. I’m Gonna Sing
  6. I Rest My Case At The Cross
  7. I Feel Like Running
  8. Please Come Down To Me
  9. Remember Me
  10. Heartbreak Ridge & New Hope Road

Purchase Renewed on CD – $15.00 each