He's Always There

This project has songs that not only encourage but offer assurance of God’s sustaining love no matter the situation! “The will of God will never take you…where the grace of God will not sustain you” That is God’s promise to us! We can certainly attest to the fact that he is indeed “Always There” and “Even in the Valley God is Good”! Then some day…very soon we will see our “Brand New Home”!

  1. I Cast My Bread Upon The Water
  2. Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet
  3. Full Circle
  4. Knowing You’ll Be There
  5. He Gave Me The Well
  6. Healin’ Stream
  7. Even In The Valley
  8. Brand New Home
  9. Mercy River
  10. Don’t Let Me Miss The Glory
  11. Always There For Me

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